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Topical Creams

This cream is commonly used for the treatment of sun spots and selected non-invasive skin cancers. The cream is made from a chemotherapeutic agent that when applied to skin is taken up by cancer cells, resulting in cell death. The cream irritates normal skin and therefore results in significant inflammation. The reaction on the skin can vary from mild to severe redness and crusting. The treatment regime is tailored to each individual patient, and will discussed by your treating Dermatologist.

Aldara is a cream that works for selected skin cancer including some superficial basal cell cancers. The cream works by stimulating the immune system to recognise and subsequently destroy the cancer cells. As the cream stimulates the immune system, it is not unusual that skin in the surrounding area also becomes inflamed. The degree of inflammation varies between patients, and can vary from mild to severe. It is important that this cream is used only in appropriate cases to ensure the highest possible cure rate is achieved.

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