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Before your Admission

Once you have arranged a booking you will be sent SCDS Patient Admission Forms. These forms need to be completed and returned to us in the reply-paid envelope 7 days prior to your admission. Alternatively, you may fax them to (03) 9830 8759 or email them to

If you have private health insurance we will conduct an eligibility check on your behalf so long as you have listed this information on your admission form, and contact you if you do have any financial consequences for your day stay. If you are uninsured we will contact you prior to your admission to provide you with an estimate of costs.


Prior to your scheduled admission , you will receive a phone call from a member of the nursing staff 3-5 days prior to confirm your admission and any medical details. Nursing staff are available at anytime to answer any questions you have.


Things to tell us before your admission

Please inform the staff at time of booking or as soon as possible if you:

  • Currently are suffering from a viral illness or infectious disease (eg. flu, measles, chicken pox, shingles, diarrhoea or vomiting etc.)

  • Have been in contact with anyone in the past month suffering with any of the above viral illnesses or infectious disease

  • Have travelled overseas in the last 4 weeks

  • Have a current Treatment Limiting Order

  • Have a condition requiring special assistance, eg. Mobility issues, cognitive issues etc

  • Require the assistance of an interpreter

  • Are taking blood thinning medication

  • Have a medical power of attorney or medical treatment decision maker

Illness Prior to Surgery

If you have become unwell prior to your admission (or if your health has deteriorated), you should contact SCDS as your surgery may need to be postponed until you are well.

Transport and Care

  • While we acknowledge that skin lesion removal is considered a relatively minor procedure performed under local anaesthetic, anxiety can impact on thought processes and judgement.

  • If you are having a lesion removed that may impact on your ability to see or drive safely (facial, hands, lower limbs procedures) or micrographic surgery (it is difficult to know how long you will be in hospital and how large the incision will be), or you could be affected by anxiety, you should consider arranging for someone to escort you home.

  • In the interest of your own safety and wellbeing and as part of our duty of care, we advise that you should have a support person to stay with you for a minimum of overnight, but ideally for 24 hours after discharge. This support person must be able to obtain medical assistance if required. If you are unable to make these arrangements, please speak to our nursing staff.



Visitors may wait in the waiting room or your nominated contact person will be contacted by the nursing staff when you are ready to be discharged.


Car parking

There is free car parking available at the rear of the hospital and both sides of Mavron Street and angle parking in Cleveland Road, please note parking restriction signage. 



You will be contacted prior to admission about any estimated out of pocket costs.  The Receptionist will confirm this with you on admission. All patients are required to settle accounts in full on admission at reception. We accept payment via Cash or Eftpos and credit card (Visa and Mastercard).

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