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On the day of surgery

There is usually no special preparation required before surgery.


We recommend:


  • Being well rested.

  • Washing your hair, the night before or the morning of surgery, as your wound and initial dressing must remain dry for the first 48 hours as directed by your surgeon.

  • Having a shower on the morning of your procedure dry off with a clean towel and wear freshly washed/laundered, loose fitting and comfortable clothing.

  • Eating a good breakfast on the morning of surgery.

  • You do not bring any valuable items with you on admission.

  • Bring things to do - reading material, music, etc

  • Arrive 15 mins prior to your  appointment


Please Note

  • You can eat and drink your normal diet and fluids prior to admission.

  • You can continue taking your blood thinning medication unless advised by nursing staff to withhold.

  • If you are taking Warfarin, you will need to have your INR checked 2-4 days prior to your procedure and notify our nursing staff as soon as you receive your INR result.

  • Take all other medication as normal, unless otherwise directed.

  • If you need to take medication during your admission that requires the assistance of nursing staff, please bring medication in original containers or a webster pack.


Post-surgical reconstruction

The doctor/surgeon will discuss post-surgical options with you.  Since it is not possible to determine the exact size of the wound until the entire tumour/lesion is removed, we cannot determine in advance how the wound will be closed. Refer to Wound Repairs for more information.


After your surgery, you will:

  • Be escorted to the recovery room

  • Have your wound and observations reviewed

  • Be offered refreshments

  • Given the opportunity to relax in our comfortable chairs

  • Be discharged once nursing / medical staff are satisfied with your recovery. This time may vary depending on the type of surgery performed.

  • Be sent home with written discharge instructions, follow-up appointments, dressing materials and further contact details if required.

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