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Partnering with

Patients & Carers

Skin Cancer Day Surgery has a Consumer Partnership Program as part of our quality management system. 

As a result of patient feedback there have been a number of positive changes made to the patient information we provide. Your opinion is important to us.  All patients are given the opportunity to provide feedback, both formally (via survey, twice per year) and informally. This feedback is treated with the utmost confidentiality and may be provided anonymously.

Ways we work with consumers:

  • Feedback – suggestions and complaints

  • Consumer Surveys

  • By way of Interviews

  • Provision of Newsletters

We actively invite consumers to be involved in:

  • Staff training

  • Review of all patient related information – patient information brochure, admission and discharge forms, newsletters and website content

  • Review of audit results, feedback, complaints and other quality data

  • Review of service design.

Please feel welcome to complete a patient feedback form, available in reception and on our website, or alternatively you may email our Director of Nursing on

Please see the attached brochure from the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare about your rights as a patient in Victoria Patient Rights and Charter.  Copies are also available in other languages from the website.

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